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Best in Class for Comercial Cleaning

Robots Never Cut Corners, Never Call in Sick

Peanut is the ideal solution for hotels, corporate buildings, commercial outlets or other enclosed spaces that need reliable cleaning, while optimizing efficiency and costs.


Superior cleaning

Through precise spraying and enhanced scrubbing, Peanut ensures superior disinfection in hard-to-reach spots.

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Empowering Teammate

An assistant designed to work in harmony with humans, Peanut integrates seamlessly into the cleaning workflow.

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Always Available

Peanut operates autonomously, navigating rooms by itself, self monitoring and collecting data, around the clock, 24/7.

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Adaptive Cleaning AI

AI empowers the robot to evolve, improving speed and quality.

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The Peanut Robot with a Clock
A proven track record

With 13k+ hours of cleaning under it’s belt, Peanut is ready to clean your facility too

  • 13,000+ hours of cleaning serve as a testament to our commitment to innovation, resulting in a thoroughly developed and reliable cleaning robot.

  • Having efficiently cleaned in over 25 distinct sites, the Peanut Robot showcases its adaptability and expertise in various environments.

  • Peanut's continuous data collection drives ongoing enhancements, ensuring a consistently evolving and improving cleaning process.‍

  • Striving for ubiquity, we envision our robots becoming an integral, widespread presence in cleaning procedures globally.

The cleaning industry is valued at $300 billion globally and projected to double in the next decade.  

$850M of commercial floor cleaning robots were sold in 2022, and they only address 10% of the cleaning problem.

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A word from the Peanut Robot

Peanut Robots are proud of our human creators. In 2018, they envisioned a future where we would be able to help out our human friends with jobs that they don’t want to do.  From San Francisco, with love.

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